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Have you ever?



Answer at question then ask the next person. C:

have you ever thrown an ipod to see if it would still work afterwards?

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MotionM Re: Have you ever? on 22/10/2010, 7:30 pm
Not on purpose; but yes.

Have you ever thought of deleting SYS32 and seeing what would REALLY happen?
KenizzyNY Re: Have you ever? on 22/10/2010, 8:12 pm

have you ever lost the game?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 22/10/2010, 9:16 pm
I just lost the game...

have you ever eaten a whole jar of mayonnaise?
MotionM Re: Have you ever? on 22/10/2010, 10:25 pm
Have you ever finished a game?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 22/10/2010, 10:27 pm
if you mean playing then yes. making...no...

have you ever tried to beat an animal at a stareing contest?
SanTheMapper Re: Have you ever? on 23/10/2010, 4:11 am
nope. I don't waste my time with stareing contests.
Have you ever slept for 24 hours?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 23/10/2010, 10:11 am
no... but I have slept for 18.... that came after about three weeks of the-next-day 6:something am sleeping.... I was like, I have GOT to catch up on some sleep....

Have you ever eaten 8 whole pizzas in 8 minutes...?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 23/10/2010, 8:04 pm
hell no!

Have you ever gotten sick on the day you were meant to hand in an assignment?
MotionM Re: Have you ever? on 23/10/2010, 10:31 pm
Yeah but I didn't stay home because my parent's don't let me if it's just a runny nose.

Have you ever played AND beat TES: Oblivion?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 23/10/2010, 10:33 pm

Have you ever spent an entire day doing something then realise it was actually nothing because you didn't actually do anything progressive?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 24/10/2010, 7:45 am
yes, I tried to get to lvl 100 on Maple story but ended up getting engaged.

Have you ever asked out a girl but gotten rejected?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 24/10/2010, 7:22 pm
nope, but I have rejected a girl.

Have you ever gotten close to becoming short sighted so you spend a whole day staring at far objects in effort to stretch your eyes?
KenizzyNY Re: Have you ever? on 24/10/2010, 8:15 pm

have you ever been so gone that you haulcinate that you're being ubducted by aliens?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 5:47 am

Have you ever forgotten your mother's birthday?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 5:49 am
yes. all the time. we don't really celebrate birthdays.

Have you ever cried at your birthday?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 5:56 am
No, why would I?

Have you?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 5:58 am

have you ever looked at your friend in class but you were leaving?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 5:58 am
I dont really know what you mean by that.

BluE Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 6:00 am

HAve you ever eaten a box of cookies while on a trampoline?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 6:07 am
No. Never even been on a tramp 0.0

Have you ever gone a whole week without going on the internet in some way, shape, form or manner...?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 6:10 am
yeah. It was awful

Have you ever, ever felt like this, when strange things happen and you're going round the twist?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 6:12 am
No, what have you been smoking?

Was yr8 camp fun?
Kira1004 Re: Have you ever? on 26/10/2010, 6:13 am
hey, did you get my PM with the review of the iPod shuffle?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 17/12/2010, 6:56 pm
I'm not sure how that's related to the topic....

Have you ever tripped over a chair then gotten really angry at the poor inanimate object and kicked it hurting your foot in the process?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Have you ever? on 18/12/2010, 12:52 pm
got crooked toes from moments like those...

have you ever looked everywhere for your sun glasses and ended up finding them on your head?
Cardboard Square Re: Have you ever? on 18/12/2010, 8:00 pm
Have you ever done anything you normally wouldn't for a Klondike Bar?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 18/12/2010, 10:42 pm
uhh.... no?

Have you ever promised to do something and then completely forget about it later?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Have you ever? on 3/2/2011, 3:43 am
hello! that's in my daily yet involuntary routine.

have you ever went on vacation and when you got there you wished you stayed at home?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 3/2/2011, 5:11 am
HEy! Hey guys! Wanna go to the Sunshine Coast? It's gonna be fun!

Have you ever wished that when you wake up in the morning, spiritual beings will fix up whatever problem you had that day?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Have you ever? on 24/3/2011, 2:36 am
have you ever caught someone picking their nose and found yourself watching in disgust to see if they might eat their boogers?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 24/3/2011, 4:00 am
I defintly have not.
Have you ever dreamt that you were flying through the air then fallen and when you wake up, you're on the floor?
supercow Re: Have you ever? on 26/3/2011, 3:47 pm
if you meant flying by jumping then yeah XD but i manage to just almost fell though Laughing

have you ever told the opposite sex that their underwear is revealed unintentionaly in a crowded place?
calvin624 Re: Have you ever? on 26/3/2011, 5:11 pm
Oh yeah. Usually in the following fashion: 'Nice builder's bum you have going on there ...'

Have you ever ... accidentally let slip something you shouldn't have (like a friend's secret)?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Have you ever? on 26/3/2011, 5:31 pm
'Nice builder's bum you have going on there ...'

yeah, I've spilled the beans only because no one told me to keep it secret

have you ever "cut the cheese" in a "crop dusting" manner to share with those you're not so fond of?
Cheaty Petey Re: Have you ever? on 31/3/2011, 10:31 pm
lmao!!! Yes all the time!!!
Have you ever went to a high school house party when the hosts parents are gone and stole something that would drive the parents crazy when they got home, like the T.V. remote.
SanTheMapper Re: Have you ever? on 1/4/2011, 9:03 am
No I haven't. In fact, I don't go to parties of such sort.
Have you ever felt you've had enough?
taylorlaughtnerLuvr X0x01 Re: Have you ever? on 1/4/2011, 5:15 pm
not wen Im watching twilight. never enough
have you ever dreamed of being with taylor laughtner???
KenizzyNY Re: Have you ever? on 1/4/2011, 11:56 pm
Yes. Every night.

Have you ever tried doing things you knew were physically impossible?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 2/4/2011, 4:19 am
you bet
have you ever completed Halo: Combat Evolved in legendary?
SanTheMapper Re: Have you ever? on 2/4/2011, 10:23 am
No, haven't even played it.
Have you ever achieved 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a competition?
taylorlaughtnerLuvr X0x01 Re: Have you ever? on 2/4/2011, 6:19 pm
me and my friends had a who loves taylor most competition. I was second.
have you ever wached all twilight movies at he same time?
snowghost20 Re: Have you ever? on 2/4/2011, 11:44 pm
no but i've seen 1 and 3. i have ever tried food with different sauce?
i've tried mac and cheese with soy sauce "YUUUUMMM" Very Happy
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 3/4/2011, 2:08 am
I cook so I try out that sort of thing every time. Mild soy sauce + eggs = nice
Have you ever worn socks on your hands?
calvin624 Re: Have you ever? on 3/4/2011, 3:54 pm
Yup, and trousers on my head.

Have you ever ... been chewing gum and taken some orange juice? Razz
snowghost20 Re: Have you ever? on 3/4/2011, 5:39 pm
did that once, it is actually not bad

have you ever ran around your house naked?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 3/4/2011, 5:49 pm
uh... no....that's something to try.
Have you ever kicked a chair because it tripped you?
snowghost20 Re: Have you ever? on 3/4/2011, 5:53 pm
Yea and it hurts a lot
have you ever tried to play 3 games at once?
supercow Re: Have you ever? on 3/4/2011, 9:37 pm
no, but i sometimes poop while eating Laughing
have you ever tried eating while pooping?
BluE Re: Have you ever? on 6/4/2011, 10:30 pm
never have, never will!
Have you ever worn a tuxedo?
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