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Would you rather...?


Hi all!
Simply answer the previous persons "Would you rather...?" question then ask your own!

I'll start!

Would you rather go to triple maths or spoon your eye out?

Want a real challenge? Try Crack this code!

If you read this message, please PM me. this is a test. And I'm serious, this isnt just some lousy time wasting paragraph that I wrote just to fill in my signature. It's here for a reason. PM ME.
KenizzyNY Re: Would you rather...? on 21/6/2010, 10:40 pm
milk party so i can suckle on mammary glands

would you rather do a barrel roll or a round-house kick?
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 21/6/2010, 10:45 pm
round house kick

would you rather drink milk or juice Very Happy
snowghost20 Re: Would you rather...? on 22/6/2010, 12:48 pm
Would you rather skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year?
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 22/6/2010, 1:31 pm
It depends, probably bday because christmas is spended with family

rather ride bike or scooter
snowghost20 Re: Would you rather...? on 22/6/2010, 3:12 pm
bike because its faster

Would you rather have 15 nails hammered into your tongue, or have your saliva permanently transmuted to urine?
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 22/6/2010, 4:57 pm
15 nails Sad

rather die are be tourchered then die
snowghost20 Re: Would you rather...? on 22/6/2010, 6:24 pm
be tourchered

would you rather be a ladies man or the worlds famous person with no money?
Dafralanatah Re: Would you rather...? on 23/6/2010, 8:24 am
be a ladies man

would you rather do an impersonation of Christopher Walken or Keenau Reeves?
(pretty sure i got them spelt right)
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 23/6/2010, 11:20 am

would you rather bite off your tongue or saw of your tongue
MotionM Re: Would you rather...? on 23/6/2010, 12:04 pm
Bite it off.... xD

Would you rather kill all the forests and 1 panda or all the pandas and one forest?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 6/7/2010, 2:33 am
I'd kill all the forests and one panda, and make the pandas plant trees

would you rather work for free or pay to play?
Dafralanatah Re: Would you rather...? on 6/7/2010, 5:00 pm
pay to play
depends on what game it is really
Heres a tough one

Would you rather be selling the drugs or doing them? gotta pick one
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 2:08 am
sell them! original games

would you rather...
be someone who smells dirty and looks clean
be someone who smells clean and looks dirty??
MotionM Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 2:12 am
be someone who smells dirty and looks clean
We're supposed to smell dirty, deodorant, etc; are just stuff to cover up our "natural" smell. Razz

Make music or listen to it?
Dafralanatah Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 3:28 am

would you rather be a predator or an alien?
for the upcoming
PREDATORS movie bom
MotionM Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 1:32 pm
Predator. Tripleee shoooottt!

KIll a baby with a fist or abort one? Neutral
KenizzyNY Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 1:56 pm
what's funnier than ten dead babies nailed to one tree? on dead baby nailed to ten trees.

with my fist

would you rather have to listen to a vuvuzeula for 24 or listen to a crying and whining child for 24 hours
Dafralanatah Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 7:18 pm
vuvuzela simply because babies aren't that loud

would you rather have an infinite supply of food or your favorite drink that never goes empty
KenizzyNY Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 7:20 pm
i'd rather have my purple drank

would you rather be arrested for being a pedophile or having sex with animals
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 7/7/2010, 8:44 pm
uhuh... not sure. pedo?

would you rather have a really bad game for free or buy an awesome $200 game?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 3/2/2011, 3:25 am
free! $200 for a game?

would you rather kiss a girl with one tooth or no teeth ~HA!
albertfish Re: Would you rather...? on 3/2/2011, 4:50 am
LOL, those are pretty much equal. I think I'd have to go with no teeth though.

Would you rather be eaten alive or burned alive?

PS: I thought I would share this since it is related.
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 3/2/2011, 5:08 am
Seeing as the thousands of people in the Middle Ages managed to see being burnt alive better than being eaten alive, I'd say I'd rather be burnt seeing as it's quicker and even primitive "barbaric civilizations" prefer it.

Would you rather you laptop have a broken screen and you have to hook it up to an old LCD or broken keyboard and attach it to a USB keyboard?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 3/2/2011, 5:11 am
keyboard! usb ~ wireless!

would you rather take your mom or your dad to a dance club?
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 19/2/2011, 4:48 am
My dad. Atleast he understands "male culture".

Would you rather be gluten intolerant or be allergic to dairy (both severely)
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 24/3/2011, 2:44 am
gluten ~ that was a tough one.

would you rather have a smart yet ugly girlfriend or extremely dumb yet very beautiful wife.
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 24/3/2011, 4:02 am
If this girlfriend is smart enough to get tonnes of cash from her discoveries in quantum science, I pick the girlfriend. If this wife is beautiful enough to get tonnes of cash from photoshoots and other things, I take her. So, I think I'll take the wife and the girlfriend because the wife will be too dumb to know that I'm cheating on her.

Would you rather be the creator of WoW or Bear Grylls?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 20/4/2011, 4:35 pm
WoW ~ (Bear Grylls? I was about to google it)

would you rather have neighbors that are noisy and share food or ones that are quiet and asks for food?
SanTheMapper Re: Would you rather...? on 20/4/2011, 6:01 pm
The noisy ones.
Would you rather kill yourself than listen to this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC0cvwnG0Ik
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 21/4/2011, 4:34 am
there are always alternatives than to kill yourself C:

Would you rather Portal 2 or Battlefield 3?
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 23/4/2011, 9:46 pm
I'd rather portal my self 2 battlefield 3 LOL

would you rather play a free game and buy in game weapons or buy a game to play.
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 24/4/2011, 3:18 am
buy a full game. I can't stand those games that require you to buy stuff from the "weapon shop" with "dragon coins".

Would you rather go to the worlds largest LAN party or have a small LAN party with your buds? (up to 10)
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 24/4/2011, 4:21 am
small with buds Very Happy

1.) wings like a fairy

2.) bug like antennas
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 24/4/2011, 7:21 am
Wings man, though I'm not sure if the puny wings can lift my huge amount of bulging muscle, or my titanium dense skeleton.

1. Hit on Deborah
2. Crash my car
snowghost20 Re: Would you rather...? on 27/4/2011, 11:17 pm
crash my car

would u kiss an old man or kiss a midget boy? lolol (notice: im not like that kind of person)
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 28/4/2011, 12:01 am
old man

woud u rather eat a wasp or chew off gum from the streets.
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 28/4/2011, 2:34 am
wasp. Bear Grylls did it

Would you rather circle glide or moonwalk?

snowghost20 Re: Would you rather...? on 28/4/2011, 2:53 pm
i would moon walk

would you rather eat a snail or eat a worm?
GeMinEye Re: Would you rather...? on 29/4/2011, 12:29 am
Eat a worm I'm not french...

would u rather go back in time or go to the future
snowghost20 Re: Would you rather...? on 29/4/2011, 1:45 am
would u rather

punch ur grandma in the face or drop a bowling ball on a baby?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 15/5/2011, 4:59 pm
gosh? sorry grandma.

would you guys/gals rather go to the prom with an ugly guy/gal who smells nice or a good looking guy/gal who smells so bad you can hardly breathe??
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 16/5/2011, 3:12 am
I'll take option two and borrow swoop's air purifier.

Would you rather eat a pickle or eat a pickle sandwich?
swoop Re: Would you rather...? on 16/5/2011, 9:05 pm
i would rather eat a full grown pickle in a salad.. making it a cucumber salad.

would you rather die burning to death or freezing to death
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 17/5/2011, 3:50 am

Would you rather have no Deoxyribonucleic acid or have too much Deoxyribonucleic acid?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 21/5/2011, 7:38 am
too much, (that's how I was made tongue

ok, so a super hairy back? or super hairy knees and elbows???
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 21/5/2011, 7:06 pm
Hairy back would be a pain sleeping on. I guess hairy knees and elbows.

Would you rather win a competition and get a small medal or come second and get a big prize (like a computer or somehting)?
swoop Re: Would you rather...? on 23/5/2011, 5:27 am

screw the prize its all about the journey

would you rather die by 1000 papercuts.. or drown in gasoline burning
BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 23/5/2011, 5:34 am
You're more of a man if you choose paper cuts.
Paper cuts.

Would you rather die by stepping on lego blocks or have your fingers crushed?
G@MeF@Ce Re: Would you rather...? on 25/5/2011, 4:53 am
lego blocks (doh, should of worn shoes)

would you rather have an accidental fart:

that is very load
that is very stinky

this is in front of a panel of important people, your life's career is at stake!

BluE Re: Would you rather...? on 25/5/2011, 5:11 am
I choose silent but deadly. The trick is to hold it in and release a bit at a time. WIth a bit of luck they wont notice.

Would you rather eat no vegetables for the rest of your life or eat no meat for the rest of your life?
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