It is my passion to create multimedia.

I enjoy making graphics, sounds, and stories come alive through programming games powered by inspiration, vision, and imagination. My love for video games has made me a veteran game player to a promising game maker.
I have also built my own arcade cabinet "A.C.E." to showcase my collection of games and demos.
I have created quite a few demos including my original resources. I have made 2D side scrolling platformers, space shooters, beat'em ups, action role play, and 2.5D raycasting first person shooters.
I make these projects to unleash my imaginative mind, improve my creative skills, and to inspire others to be creative. I am also looking to secure a future in making multimedia for a living to share my ideas, stories, and style through songs, web pages, and video games.


Grafitti was my way of learning how to draw.

Improving on drawing what I vision by hand, later turned into cartoons, characterchures, and comic book style pencil and ink. Working with computers, I then got into making pixel art, sprite sheets, animated gifs, and all other aspects of digital graphic design. I'm either sketching up ideas, clicking away on canvas making things pixel perfect, or digitally painting on my tablet with photoshop-touch. There's always a moment in which I'm either making sprites for a video game, graphics for a web page, drawings for a t-shirt design or card game, to the latest avatar representing my online presence.


Freestyle rap got me into beatboxing.

I started making hiphop beats on a keyboard learning MIDI sequencing using CakeWalk. I then picked up piano and started making jazz, as I got more into live recordings, I then learned guitar, bass, and percussions performing blues, acid jazz, funk, rock, and reggae live.
I have performed live, recorded in studios, and spent endless hours making midis, recordings, sound effects, voice overs, and mixes in my home studio. I truly get a kick from making original music (no samples), original sound effects (really breaking/banging stuff), and voice overs for various characters in the video games.


The power to play and design got me into programming.

I would reverse engineer scripts that are on the internet, changing a character here and there to see how things work until I understood the code to type my own version. Learning how to code was the only way for me to create what I could vision so I picked up the basics and that led into web design. I then made this place for me to share my research, Gameface101.com which had brought me closer to other talented people that helped me learn and kept me sharp. I continue to create using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, RGSS (Ruby), Lua, and could pick up other languages once I get the hang of orientation and syntax.


Fables inspired me to write.
To me, understanding the lesson of a fable (or parable) is no different than saving the princess in a video game. I started out with poems (for romantic purposes) which transitioned smoothly into making rhymes and rap lyrics.
I found music with a purpose and message is more powerful than just a funky beat. Having such a wild imagination, writing stories for comic books to Role Play Games would be more fun than work. I enjoy writing free-thought, short stories, song/rap lyrics, poetry, character bio's, and tutorials.
contact Mike Schurr | e-mail: mrgameface101@gmail.com | mobile: 408-466-2077