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Contest: Anime Riddle 02/12/2016

In spirit of Anime Day/Week, here's a small contest for us here in the underground +

I have 3 anime games for steam to give away for prizes!

*One Piece - Pirate Warriors 3
*Dragonball - Xenoverse XV
*Naruto - Full Burst 3

Simply answer this anime riddle and get to pick one of these three games as your reward.


This girl and her panda are really father and son. Who are they?

Good luck! Hope this shakes things up around here.

by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 3 - Views: 412

First word you think off 02/02/2010

The original topic 'maxed-out' so this is a continuation from


by mr_wiggles - Comments: 919 - Views: 10260

Count to 0 02/04/2010


by mr_wiggles - Comments: 1007 - Views: 10005

Crack this code! 03/16/2011

Whoever cracks this code first wins! (lvls and whatnot)
Sorry if it's not really neat looking. Didn't get to double check it.

1$7h@Y 15w4y 4w4y uZzL3|>4Y. ()fw4Y our53C4y 17w4Y 15W4Y 173KW4Y uNd3r574nd48l3w4Y 1nc354Y {}uy4y OuLDN'7C4y 34Dr4Y 157h4Y uNl355W4Y Ouy4y olV3d54yxx0r 37|-|4y Od3c4Y. 3R3'5H4Y ()VVh@y 074y oLv354Y 17w4Y. 3P574Y on3w4y, 157#4y 4R49R4pHp4Y 15w4Y 1NW4y
337l4y. o8V1oU5Lyw4y O74y20r2 34dR4Y 17W4y 34513Rw4YZ0r2, OuY4y OulDW4Y 33|)n4y {}74y U|\|L337w4Y 17w4y. 477(-)4y ouLdN'75h4y 4k374Y oUY4Y 0o74Y...

by BluE - Comments: 14 - Views: 1569

Cappin' Captions 03/21/2014

Nothing but edited pictures with a caption on top +

couldn't help myself ~ lolz

by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 1 - Views: 377

Text-Based D&D 08/17/2014

Anyone up for it? We can just have it on the forum instead of realt-timing it on skype

by MotionM - Comments: 3 - Views: 406

Keep motivated! 04/21/2014

Let's face it, we're all busy with real life stuff and sometimes don't have the time to work on our projects down here in cyberspace, or even in the real life. Let's group together and keep motivated and inspired.

What are you working on?
What's keeping you from doing it?
What's a way we can help you to stay motivated?

Posting something inspiring works too.

Starting small is all it takes. Short term goals lead to long term goals eventually!

I myself have probably 20+ books I want to read, physical and digital copies, all lying around...

by MotionM - Comments: 7 - Views: 459

King of the hill 02/02/2010

This a game where you fight over owning a virtual hill.

Just find a way to get the last king off the hill.

"keep it clean" Very Happy

*Mr_Wiggles finds a suitable hill and sits upon it and declares himself king of it*

by mr_wiggles - Comments: 235 - Views: 5287

What Makes You Mad? 08/06/2012


title says all?
so guys?

by SebaSeb - Comments: 50 - Views: 2146

COOL BEANZ! 02/17/2010

Hey guys, this thread is all about posting edited pictures of Mr.Bean.

Here is one for example to start it off. Smile

by GeMinEye - Comments: 21 - Views: 3859

Try to figure out the story. 01/04/2013

I've starting a new PLAY_ALONG! Describe a familiar story then the community will try to guess the title. If you guess right, then you get to tell the next story.

So there is a mother who is brutally murdered in the beginning. The mother wanted to have a lot of kids, but she only has one son who is a bit underdeveloped. The dad looks after him and worries about him, but the kid is adventurous and brave, until one day he was taken away. The dad leaves on a mission to rescue his son and meets someone who has a bad memory.

by snowghost20 - Comments: 14 - Views: 658

Epic fails! 12/22/2009

i'll start

by KenizzyNY - Comments: 59 - Views: 10076

PICTURE / TEXT 08/28/2010

Isn't it amazing how we come up with soo many ways to play along?

OK this one is simple, it's more fun if we take turns...

One posts a picture then another posts the text of what the picture is saying or about.

Simple Right? example:

Dude1 = posts a picture

Dude2 = quotes and writes the text (caption)

(guy on the left) "He stole my grey shirt."

by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 17 - Views: 958

Alphabet Video Game Characters! 10/10/2009

lets play a little game!

simply post a picture of a video game character!
the only catch is that its alphabetically .. so ill start with

A - abe from Oddworld!

alrighty next?

by swoop - Comments: 36 - Views: 4464

How did you get your username? 04/18/2012

A couple years back my dad was showing me the zodiac signs and I found them very interesting, we looked up our family signs and discovered we were all Gemini except my brother who is a pieces. I though it was a wicked name so i decided to use it, I realize there are a lot of Gemini's out there so i changed it to be unique it is now "GeMinEye".

by GeMinEye - Comments: 19 - Views: 1154

That beats it 05/26/2012

This new game is sorta the same as the first word you think of. You think of a word and post it. The next person thinks of a new word that beats the recent post. I will start.


by snowghost20 - Comments: 142 - Views: 3699

Guess Who (Game) 12/04/2009

Ok people, so here's the deal:

The nominated person lists 5 facts (the 2 most obvious are hidden in a spoiler).

The facts must all point to one person.

The forum poster who guesses correctly wins - they must declare if they got it within the first three or used the spoiler facts. It is then their turn to list their facts.

If there are no correct guesses after 10 posts (or OP hasn't responded in anyway after a while, anyone can take over.)

I'll go first, easy one to start:

1st - This actress is 48 years old
2nd - They now have...

by calvin624 - Comments: 3 - Views: 525

Funny pics 10/28/2009

This thread is only for putting funny pics. such as this one, if you see a funny pic please post it. You can talk about it, whatever you want.

by GeMinEye - Comments: 64 - Views: 3211
Ok it goes like this. One person corrupts the previous wish and then they make a wish for the next post to corrupt. it goes on like that. I will show an example.

1st post says "I wish I had a flashlight"

2nd post says "You have a flashlight but its solar powered. I wish I had a milion dollars"

3rd post says "You have a million dollars.. in monopoly money. I wish I could fly"

Now I will make a wish

I wish I had a new computer.

by KenizzyNY - Comments: 460 - Views: 9999

YO MAMA! 06/19/2010

Lets go start this game up! Does everyone know how to make yo mama jokes? (hoping everyone's good with it) just call people out like this... (remember, this is all jokes. Smile )

To: ken

Yo mama is so dumb that she went to the public library and asked where is facebook
(lol) Laughing

by snowghost20 - Comments: 77 - Views: 3943

Intresting Facts 05/01/2011

Just post an interesting fact about yourself.

I'll start...

I never passed algebra class. :p

by mr_wiggles - Comments: 116 - Views: 6009

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